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Brother of the Soul
By Rion Wilhelm  /  July 25, 2016
In Another World
By Rion Wilhelm  /  July 13, 2016
Aurora ~ Prologue
By Rion Wilhelm  /  July 11, 2016



Crime Among the Vines

Yesterday afternoon (Wed 11/2/16) a landscaper working on the Sonoma State University campus reported finding what looked to be human remains buried in a shallow grave. Sonoma State is only two blocks away from my condo, certainly within walking distance. I knew I started hearing an unusual amount of sirens last night.

Classwork Blues

Stuck in class all day today! But I have to admit that I love it. You are never too old to learn and I learn something new everyday.


I’ve recently been trying to resume a practice that I used to engage in years ago.  It deals with stress.  

Brother of the Soul


The shadow warrior sings his song
a melody of rock and wind
it speaks to me of days that were

Market -Seven Archons

Seven Archons https://sevenarchons.com/ Seven Archons is open to novel, novella, and poetry collections:

25 Paying Science Fiction Magazines

Here are 24 Fantasy and Sci-Fi paying magazines for you to choose from. Please note that a few of the publications may be closed for submissions at certain times of year. Make a note of when they’re open again and keep trying with your stories and articles.

World Building Day 2

Worldbuilding is important to all genres of writing, of course. We want our reader to experience that “presence of place”, that connection with the surroundings in which our characters are living. Successful “world-building” helps “ground” the reader in the story landscape we are presenting to them. But how much or how little world-building should we […]

In Another World


Do you remember what you were reading the first time you totally lost yourself in a book?  I’m speaking of that kind of total immersion in which hours passed without notice and your familiar surroundings faded away to be replaced by scenery both wonderful and somehow terrifying.

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