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Brother of the Soul
By Rion Wilhelm  /  July 25, 2016
In Another World
By Rion Wilhelm  /  July 13, 2016
Aurora ~ Prologue
By Rion Wilhelm  /  July 11, 2016

An Apology

First of all, I have to apologize to my readers for getting somewhat(!!) off-track in recent weeks. I have spent little time on writing fiction in favor of voicing my displeasure (on Twitter)at the actions taken by our new President immediately after his inauguration. I suspect that like many of you out there, writing is […]

Flash Fiction Contest

I’ve just come across Ad Hoc fiction, who run a weekly flash fiction competition which is free to enter. The prizes are publication and illustration of your work, and free entry into other short story competitions. Seems like a fun way to flex those writing muscles on a regular basis and have some fun. Check […]


Planning a nice, quiet, stress-free day.



Crime Among the Vines

Yesterday afternoon (Wed 11/2/16) a landscaper working on the Sonoma State University campus reported finding what looked to be human remains buried in a shallow grave. Sonoma State is only two blocks away from my condo, certainly within walking distance. I knew I started hearing an unusual amount of sirens last night.

Classwork Blues

Stuck in class all day today! But I have to admit that I love it. You are never too old to learn and I learn something new everyday.


I’ve recently been trying to resume a practice that I used to engage in years ago.  It deals with stress.  

Brother of the Soul

The shadow warrior sings his song
a melody of rock and wind
it speaks to me of days that were

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Seven Archons https://sevenarchons.com/ Seven Archons is open to novel, novella, and poetry collections:

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