Have you nourished your creative soul today?

We all, to some degree, have dual personalities. We have the side we show to the world and that side is confident, capable and, at times, so PC (politically correct) that it makes us nauseous. This is the side we have developed to survive, to get along with our fellow ‘worker bees’. This is the practical side that we send out to de

Then we have the secret side, the side that we keep hidden from our friends (lest they become no longer friends) and family (divorce attorneys make a great living). Sometimes even from ourselves (therapists also make a good living). This side is often insecure, anxious and over-sensitive and afraid of our own shadow. This side knows that ‘here they be dragons’. This side wants to believe…in almost everything.

Neither side can easily thrive without the other and when they get out of balance trouble can ensue.

So too our practical side must exist in balance with our Creative side.

On the surface, being an independent author sounds like the ideal gig. At least it seems so to those who are still mired in the nine to five work rat race.

In the effort to answer practical needs (how can I pay the rent?), the independent author can become so focused on caring for the physical self that they neglect to nurture their creative side. This can lead to burnout or, worse yet for a writer, to the dreaded ‘writer’s block’.

I have found that, for me, writer’s block most often occurs because I can’t let go of that little voice in the back of my mind that keeps whispering *you know you have this bill to pay or that bill is due next months*. In other words, it occurs when ‘real life’ intrudes in your ‘fantasy life’. The goal then becomes giving equal attention to both your ‘selves’, the practical self and the creative self. The goal is about balance and I hope to provide a few tips for doing that.