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Welcome to my home site. You can check out my photo above.

Really? No. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I lie. That’s right, I am an unrepentant fibber, you might even say a most proficient prevaricator. I’ll lie about anything that strikes my fancy. And if it catches your attention, for even a second? Well, then, I’ll lie some more. And the lies may even get bigger and better. To turn a phrase, there is no such thing as bad attention. And now that I have yours, I’ll let you in on another secret.

I kill. No, I didn’t say ‘thrill’, although I hope to do that too. I said ‘kill’, as in murder. I murder men, women, children, aliens and sometimes (though I cringe to say it and it does sometimes give me nightmares) family pets. If my boss doesn’t give me the raise I asked for, I’ll just kill him. That guy that cut me off on my way to work this morning? When he gets out of his car at the parking garage a hit man will be waiting for him. That dentist that said ‘root canal’ with such a cheerful smile? A pipe bomb in his afternoon Fed Ex delivery should wipe the smile from his face. Sure, his receptionist will probably get ghosted in the process, but why should I care? The local authorities don’t care, they let me get away with it, they just consider it my contribution to cleaning up society. Why?

Because I do it all on paper. I am a writer. I’m one of those lucky souls that get to commit mayhem with impunity. Heck, sometimes, if I’m fortunate, I even get paid to do it, although the salary could be termed, well–criminal.

And I don’t just do it here, on Earth (or Terra to be more specific), I have carried my mission of mayhem to the far reaches of the Universe and even to other dimensions. No one is safe and nothing is impossible. And not even Dr. Who or Captain Kirk ever try to stop me. So don’t make me mad or you could wind up in one of my stories–and that might not be a good thing.

In my world (or worlds) ‘time wounds all heels’. The creeps always get what is coming to them, and I have a little less stress in my life because I don’t keep it bottled up. Oh, no, I just let it spill out all over the paper for all to see and let my long-suffering editor worry about the cleanup. Look at it this way; I don’t have to pay a psychiatrist and I sometimes get back enough $$ to indulge my coffee addiction.

Seriously, I think one of the greatest attributes of the human condition is imagination, and the greatest skill one can learn is reading. If you have those two gifts, all things are possible. The ability to read opens up a lifetime of learning, adventure, and excitement. No matter your personal circumstance, through stories and books, you can live the greatest adventures safely, visit exotic lands or the far reaches of the universe, and become someone you would never dare to be in real life. Nothing brings me more pleasure than the creation of imaginary worlds and situations that I and others can escape into. Although it can be sometimes frustrating, I find the whole ceremony of creativity completely enthralling.

As you might guess, Rion Wilhelm is a pseudonym (see, I even lie about my name) but what follows is correct about the real “me”.

I am a writer, artisan and web designer living in Rohnert Park, California, a town of about 70 thousand people, located in the Northern California Wine Country. Actually, the sign at the city limits proclaims we are “The Gateway to the Wine Country” although you will certainly see your share of grapevines long
before you reach us. Until fairly recently, I was a Senior IT Project Manager for a local division of large “Fortune 500” company. I received my degree in Anthropology from Georgia State University and my minor was in English with an emphasis on Creative Literature. Currently, I’m continuing
my writing studies through a variety of online and offline venues and working on my Masters In Fine Arts.

I love soft rock, Kris Kristofferson, Pink Floyd, U2, The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen (I realize I’m dating myself, but I am, after all, a child of the 60’s). For music to write by, I prefer ‘world’, new age or smooth jazz (and, of course, a glass of Zinfindel or a good cup of coffee). My Sci-Fi readings tend
toward heroic fantasy, post-apocalyptic fiction, alternate universes and epic adventures, while my other reading habits are quite eclectic. My greatest regret is that I have yet to master a decent time paradox. I read fiction and non-fiction equally,
but will cheerfully state that Dan Brown is a genius, Roger Zelazny was a god, Michael Moorcock is a visionary, Isaac Asimov was the modern Michelangelo and Gene Roddenberry was indeed the Great Bird of the Universe.

Make it so!