Adventures in Journal-land

For years, in fact for my entire business career, I was joined at the hip to my Daytimer. And for years, it never really worked for me. It was too structured. And I never could fit into that structure. I ended up with a LOT of empty pages. I needed more of a Journal type structure. Only that didn’t fit either because I had all these meetings and project deadlines. Nothing really worked.

Then, when I retired in 2009, I suddenly didn’t have all the daily meetings and I thought, for some crazy reason, that would make things better. But it didn’t. The Daytimer still didn’t work. So I tried out a number of on-line “To Do” lists and project planners. Some worked to some degree, others…not so much. Digital diarys didn’t work at all. Then I began to read about this ‘new” form of journal that was called a “Bullet Journal”, that was freeform and geared to the way each individual worked.

So…long story short, I began to try it about two months ago. I could immediately see how this format could work for me as a writer and designer, and so began the great and eternally ongoing experiment.

I started off using my Circa Foldover in the Junior size. This is a disc bound journal that is in my “Go Bag”, the last thing I grab as I head out the door to anywhere. I thought this would be perfect because it lays flat, is refillable and I have a punch for inserts. All great and good except that I had mine filled with lined, annotation ruled paper. This is a great paper for notetaking but turned out to be not so good for a Bullet Journal.

So many people talked about either the Leuchtturm 1917 with dot-grid ruling or the Moleskine Classic Dotted as the favored notebook for a Bullet Journal but I was still in the experimentation stage, so I decided to try
Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook, A5 size which was a little less expensive @ 11.15. All three of these feature sewn-in pages that lie flat with a sewn-in elastic that keeps them closed. It worked great and wouldn’t you know, it just fit in my Oberon Designs Leather Journal cover which I had for years. I used it for about a month until I saw that Levenger had come out with a dot grid refill for the Circa

Yes! Why? Because my Circa is a pale lilac with a purple book band and amethyst rings. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing :), I also have a Circa Letter size notebook and the Junior size pages fit as inserts in it. The only problem that I didn’t forsee is that Circa’s are looseleaf and thus unnumbered. I’m still trying to work out a numbering system for the index. If there is anyone out there using a Circa for their Bullet Journal, I am open to suggestions. As it appears now, I am going to be useing a section-page system, with section 1 being my index, section 2 my Future Log, section 3, my daily log, section 4, my projects (one for each Novel and one for each Website) and section 5 holding my collections. I am still experimenting with whether I want to do a weekly spread or a page-a-day. More information as I go along. Suggestions??

If you are thinking of switching to a Bullet Journal or just want some more information, I suggest you follow my series, “Bullet Journaling”.

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