As the Crow Flies

As the Crow FliesAs the Crow Flies by Robin Lythgoe
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Put As the Crow Flies: An Epic Fantasy Adventure on your “must read” list. Crow is a thief. Not just a common thief, mind you. He is the most successful and elegant thief to hear him tell it. And he does. Tell it, that is. The book is written in the first person which initially was a little disconcerting but I eventually found it entirely appropriate because the voice of Crow is delightfully charming. and unfailingly honest throughout the entire story.

In an effort to win the hand of the love of his life, a popular dancer, Crow undertakes the theft of a beautiful jewel she has expressed a desire
for. The jewel is in the possession of the Mysterious Baron Duzayan, a closeted Wizard. Never smart to steal from a wizard, Crow. But love makes us all do stupid things, and even a self-proclaimed master thief is not exempt.

The Baron predictably takes offense and enlists the aid of Crows’ longtime nemesis, a soldier named Tanris, in making his displeasure known. But it seems that the Baron actually appreciates Crows’ special skill-set and has a proposition for him. Steal a dragon’s egg. Even Crow can see how well that is likely to go. To make matters worse, the Baron expects Tanris to go along as bodyguard, much to the great displeasure of both men. To ensure their cooperation, the Baron has taken Crows’ lady-love and Tanris’ wife hostage. They bring back the egg and they get their women back. And just to make sure the job is completed in a timely manner, there is this little matter of an obscure poison the Baron has dosed Crow with. Of course, he did provide Crow with a potion that would delay the poison until he could
complete the task. Return with the egg and the antidote would be forthcoming. Sure. Right.

Ok, so the plot isn’t anything new. If anything, it is pedestrian. But, in this case, the plot is not the story. It is the interaction between the characters of Crow and Tanris as they try to figure out how to survive the perilous journey and make this enforced and unwanted partnership work. Think Butch and Sundance on the hunt for a Dragons’ treasure! It is witty, charming, fascinating and captivating and, just like that, I have a new favorite author! This is a book that will keep you reading long past your bedtime. What could have been another ho..hum…predictable book instead became an undiscovered jewel and total delight, thanks to the authors’ deft handling of the two primary characters. Mark this one down in your “Definitely Read List”. `I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book by Reading Deals Review Club so I could give an honest review.

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