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mt-tam-bridge-1Rion Wilhelm is a Native Californian who writes Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romantic Suspense. She grew up in Marin County, California, right over the Golden Gate Bridge, in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais.

Following a brief marriage, the main highlight of which
was the birth of her son, She embarked on a number of careers which included Corporate Auditor, Independent Researcher, System Analyst and Corporate Project Manager before leaving the corporate arena to become a full-time writer.

She received degrees from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California and Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She is currently pursuing her MFA.

She lives with her son, George, and cat, India, in Sonoma County County, California, the heart of the California Wine County. She loves the outdoors and camping is a favored activity. Her tastes in both reading material and music is highly eclectic. She likes to laugh, especially at herself and believes that reality is definitely a poor substitute for a good fantasy.

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