Crime Among the Vines

Yesterday afternoon (Wed 11/2/16) a landscaper working on the Sonoma State University campus reported finding what looked to be human remains buried in a shallow grave. Sonoma State is only two blocks away from my condo, certainly within walking distance. I knew I started hearing an unusual amount of sirens last night.

Sirens are not really that unusual around here at night anymore. When I first moved here from Marin in 1980, it was highly unusual. Rohnert Park is a college town that grew in response to the need for family housing. In 1980 75% of students were adults with families. That is why I moved to R.P. initially, to attend Sonoma State. Now, unfortunately, since a casino went up in town, crime has risen substantially.

In any case, details on this are sketchy so far. One of the parking lots has been cordoned off and a Sheriff’s Department has been flying a search grid since 8am this morning. Students have been notified to be vigilant. So far, they haven’t determined it the body is male or female and they are not even sure it is a homicide although it is being treated as such.

Because the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety (see..we don’t even have “Police”, we have “Public Safety Officers” and they all look like they are about 12 years old), has neither the personnel or resources to deal with a major investigation, the scene has been turned over to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Violent Crimes Department. Getting spooky up in her, y’all.

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