Day 4

One of the “by-products” of the lockdown order has turned out to be parking. The area of Sacramento I live in is heavy in apartment complexes. In most of those, but not all, tenants have assigned parking spaces. The problem is, they have one assigned space per apartment while most tenants have two cars. Now that so many are furloughed and home, there is a shortage of parking. Complexes have extra spaces for guest parking, but not enough to meet demand.

This has lead to a battle for parking spots and the resulting skirmishes have run the gamut of harsh words and nasty notes on windshields to hand to hand combat. Guys, the cops just don’t have the time to fool with this.

But, for the most part, what I see around me reminds me of the neighborhoods I lived in as a child where you knew everyone around you and you all helped each other out. If someone in the neighborhood was sick, people would drop by bringing food dishes so the family didn’t have to worry about cooking. In this time, in this place, in this crisis, it is a post on a neighborhood forum that reads “I am making a trip to Sam’s Club tomorrow. If you will send me your lists, I will shop for you.”. Have faith. Kindness is still out there.

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