If you like Space Opera, this one’s for you!

Resolve (Lost Fagare Ship Book 1
by Edward Antrobus

Resolve (Lost Fagare Ship Book 1)Resolve by Edward Antrobus
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In “Resolve” by Edward Antrobus, a small construction company struggles to make payroll and unearths an ancient space ship. Four of the party (the boss, his daughter, the impulsive machine operator and the explosive handler who just likes to blow things up) find their way inside and activate the ship. The ship becomes operational and, of course, they have to take it for a spin. The ship seems to willingly adapt to their needs and, somehow, the boss gets the idea that they are (or at least he is) a reincarnation or descendant of the ships’ previous crew. They survey the solar system to see if the old enemy of the ship’s original crew are still around waging war and of course they are.

This is a quick read, without science heavy jargon. If you like the old pulp sci-fi of the 30’s and 40’s, you will like this one. Think early (very early) Silverberg or Peteja and you have some idea. Not a lot of character development and you definitely have to suspend disbelief, but once you get past the improbabilities, it is an enjoyable read. Pure escapism. Although it doesn’t specify, it reads as “Young peoples’ SciFi”. A good intro for young or first-time sci-fi readers.

Technically, this has the usual smattering of misspelled words and bad punctuation but not enough to throw you out of the story. All in all, a good read although nothing original. I’m not inclined to read the follow-up books.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

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