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Welcome to the New Frontier!

This incarnation of Rions’ Worlds is a bit of an experimental project for me. As you will no doubt notice, it is still very much a work in process. I am hoping it will be a fun place to visit as well as an informative one. I am planning on it being a combination of resource hub for writers, a showcase for fiction, and an interactive experience with puzzles, games, contests.

So….Are you ready to join the Adventure? Are you tired of the commonplace, the mundane, the boring “sameness” of this everyday humdrum existence? Do you believe life should encompass more than a view of asphalt rivers winding their way through concrete canyons? Do you long to gaze upon more than fields of humming high tension wires?

Then Join Those Brave Individuals Who Seek The Fantastic. Leave the ordinary behind and enter a universe of danger and intrigue. We explore the known and unknown universes in search of exciting and peculiar experiences to share with you

As you travel the Spaceways, three paths reveal themselves to you. Choose one now to take your first steps into the grand adventure. Don’t worry, you will always be free to choose another path later.