Current Series

These are series that I am currently working on. Shorter style fiction, such as flash fiction and short stories will generally appear on other sites. These are novel and novella length and are usually 'rough draft' quality. They will be altered considerably before appearing in final form.


Journal with a Bullet

A Bullet Journal is a free-form style of journal easily adaptable to any lifestyle.


The Heretic

Heroes are not always born, sometimes they must claw their way out of the depths of hell.

Trained since childhood to head the Rias ist Istan, the death squad of mad Emperor Rabash din Norr, Jhael dar Rousseau’s future seems as black as his twice damned soul. But deep inside, the man known and feared as the “Deathwalker” wonders if there isn’t something more to life than the promise of endless bloodshed, destruction, and bare survival.

He would like nothing better than to hang up his sword, but there is no safe haven for a much-despised assassin. Of what value is life to a man with no future and far too much past?