Sadly, due to a recent illness (and encroaching age), the site has lain fallow in recent months.  I apologize for that but it was unavoidable.

I ask for your patience for a while longer as the site goes through a complete redesign.  This is more than just a change of theme, it is a full restructuring and redesign.

My site has always been WordPress based (in my opinion, one of the best and easiest CMS on the ‘net ), but the recent changes to WordPress have resulted in the need for a certain amount of re-education as I come to terms with the new Gutenberg format and the new influx of “page builders” out there.  Additionally,  a recent code-injection hack (not the first one) has required me to edit every plug-in I was using (and there were a few).  Out of patience with the childish imbeciles who get their kicks from such infantile behavior, I have decided to simplify and eliminated most plugins.

Please be patient. I promise the result will be a site with improved navigation and a focus on writing.  Thanks for your interest!!