These are books or stories that I am working on now or will have coming up soon.

Everything can change in a flash.

Carlisle “Charlie” Olvera is ready for a change. The quiet twenty-eight-year-old has had it with her dead end job and her dead beat boyfriend. She is weary of the uninspiring sameness of life in tiny Wasaki, Texas, a life that that has been notably unkind to a motherless girl growing up in the underfunded foster care system.

This was not the future she envisioned when she left to attend college in the state capital. Her plans had never included returning to face the furtive glances and hushed whispers that asked the same question over and over. Did he do it? Had her father really killed her mother when she was just a child? He maintained his innocence even through the seven years of his imprisonment. And she wanted to believe him; she really did. He was her father. But at night, when she was alone with her thoughts, Charly was plagued with doubts. Was she living with a cold blooded killer? When the scholarship was offered, Charly grabbed the chance and ran.

She had been in her senior year when her father had received the Cancer diagnosis. Following graduation, she returned to care for him during his final illness. Returned to the whispers, the stares, to the unanswered questions, to the life she hated.

And now he is gone, leaving Charie mired in her dead end job as a secretary and her luke-warm relationship with long-time boyfriend, Brian. Not even the occasional commission as a freelance Internet Researcher is enough to break the apathy her life has become.

Then an inquiry through her web site changes everything. A grad student wants to commission her to help research her Thesis. What should have been a routine project sparks a fascination that takes Charlie to the tiny hamlet of Glen Ellen in Northern California’s wine country where she stumbles into a murder investigation headed by surly, but brilliant, Detective Wade McCarter. And McCarter generates a totally different kind of spark.

Soon Charlie’s research and Wade’s investigation become more and more entwined opening a veritable Pandora’s box of secrets, secrets that someone is determined will never see the light of day. As Charlie and Wade struggle to remain one step ahead of a killer, Charlie is forced to face her new reality,

Everything she thought she knew is wrong!

The Heretic

Heroes are not always born, sometimes they must claw their way out of the depths of hell.

Trained since childhood to head the Rias ist Istan, the death squad of mad Emperor Rabash din Norr, Jhael dar Rousseau’s future seems as black as his twice damned soul. But in the stillness of the night, the man known and feared as the “Deathwalker” often wonders if there isn’t something more to life than blood and survival. He would like nothing better than to hang up his sword, but there is no safe haven for a much-despised assassin. Of what value is life to a man with no future and far too much past?

A Touch of Frost
Sometimes, it just takes a thief.

Jalari Hale has left her home world in search of a savior, a champion who will vanquish her enemies and help regain her family’s holdings and her honor.

What she is not seeking is the drunken derelict she finds occupying a corner of a seedy bar in a backwater spaceport.

I.C. Frost was once a warrior, the last survivor of a half-forgotten, infamous war. He has seen enough conflict and cruelty to last him several lifetimes. He is happy living in the shadows and has no desire to leave his self-imposed exile.

But Frost is not what he appears to be and, more to the point, he is the one person who can help her take back the life that was stolen from her.